Alert: Amendments to Cannabis Act Announced

The Canadian government’s cannabis legalization bill, Bill C-45, better known as the Cannabis Act (Bill), completed the House of Commons committee process on October 3, 2017. After hearing from a number of witnesses and members of Parliament, the Standing Committee on Health made substantive changes.

In particular, the Bill was revised to add edibles containing cannabis and cannabis concentrates to the classes of cannabis that an authorized person may sell under Schedule 4 of the Cannabis Act. This provision is required to come into force within one year of the right to sell cannabis in Section 33 of the Cannabis Act coming into force.

The committee also revised clause 12 of the Bill, removing the prohibition from the Cannabis Act against cultivating, propagating or harvesting a cannabis plant that is more than 100 cm in height in a person’s home.

Of particular note, a new clause was added to require the minister to conduct a review of the Cannabis Act and its administration after three years.

The amended Bill was presented to the House of Commons on October 5, 2017.  

For a summary of the Cannabis Act and its provisions, please see our April 2017 Blakes Bulletin: Federal Government Introduces Cannabis Legislation.

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