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Cannabis 2.0: Key Updates for 2020

December 11, 2019

Since the initial wave of legalization in 2018, cannabis continues to be a hot topic across Canada. The second wave of legalization, also known as Cannabis 2.0, came into effect on October 17, 2019, and with it comes the opportunity to manufacture and sell cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals, in addition to the other product forms. Here are five key…

Ontario Court Backs AGCO in Disqualification of 11 Cannabis Lottery Applicants

November 1, 2019

In Reynolds v. Registrar (Alcohol and Gaming Commission), the Ontario Divisional Court (Court) recently dismissed an application for judicial review of the Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s (Registrar) decision to disqualify 11 applicants (Disqualified Candidates) from the cannabis retail licensing process. In doing so, the Court reaffirmed the principle that judicial review remedies are discretionary and…

Cannabis 2.0 Rollout: Edibles, Extracts Legalized

October 17, 2019

On October 17, 2019, three additional forms of cannabis became legal in Canada: edibles, extracts and topicals. In this video interview with BNN Bloomberg, Blakes Associate Chris Nyberg from our cannabis team discusses regulatory hurdles, next steps and what challenges and opportunities await current market participants. For further information, please contact: Chris Nyberg                416-863-4252 or any other member of our Cannabis group.

What Are the Challenges and Opportunities in Ontario’s Budding Cannabis Retail Market?

August 15, 2019

On August 20, 2019, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will announce the winners in the province’s Second Allocation Expression of Interest Lottery of retail store authorizations – 42 additional retail licences will be allocated by lottery, with eight more having been allotted to First Nations reserves. In this video interview with BNN Bloomberg, Blakes Associate Chris Nyberg from…

Second Retail Lottery in Ontario: Tricks and Traps for Applicants

July 26, 2019

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) announced a subsequent allocation process for an additional 50 retail store authorizations (RSAs) in Ontario. Forty-two of these RSAs will be granted through a second allocation expression of interest lottery (Second Lottery) and the remaining eight RSAs have been allotted for First Nations reserves on a first-come, first-served basis. The 42 RSAs…

Health Canada Introduces Cannabis Health Products, A Budding Category

June 24, 2019

The federal government recently launched a consultation to seek feedback on the introduction of a new category of health products with cannabis, referred to as cannabis health products (CHPs). If implemented, this regime would have the potential to create a new market for cannabis products in Canada, especially given the recent interest in using cannabidiol (CBD)-based products for minor ailments….

Blakes Cannabis Roundtable

June 18, 2019

Cannabis edibles, extracts and topicals will soon be permitted for sale in Canada. While we have an idea of how these new forms of cannabis will be regulated, the burning question facing the industry is how do current participants adapt and what opportunities and challenges will arise? Join us to hear thought leaders discuss the issues related to production, sale…

Business of Cannabis – Medical Cannabis Week Program

June 4, 2019

In May 2019, Blakes sponsored and co-hosted Medical Cannabis Week, organized by the Business of Cannabis, including a program on Innovation in the Medical Cannabis Space. From Blakes, Robin Linley moderated the second panel of this program, in which Melanie Baird, Tricia Kuhl and Leah Rodin, along with Mary Jane Richards, Associate General Counsel of Shopify, discussed legal considerations for technology and innovation in medical…

Significant Changes to Canada’s Cannabis Licensing Process

May 8, 2019

Health Canada has issued a press release stating that it is changing the application process for licences to cultivate cannabis, process cannabis or sell cannabis for medical purposes (Commercial Licences). Effective immediately, Health Canada will require new applicants for Commercial Licences to have a completed site that meets all the requirements of the Cannabis Act (Act) and Cannabis Regulations (Regulations) at the time…

Your Guide to the 2019 Federal Budget

March 22, 2019

On March 19, 2019, the Government of Canada released its 2019 budget (2019 Budget) before the federal election later this year. We’ve summarized the key aspects from the 2019 Budget that may impact your business.  For tax changes, including proposed changes to the excise taxation of cannabis extracts (including oils), cannabis edibles and cannabis topicals, please see 2019 Federal Budget – Selected Tax…