Category: Mining

Drilling Down on Mine Development Issues

December 4, 2013

From environmental compliance and social impact assessments to construction and infrastructure development, aboriginal consultation, First Nations agreements and permitting, mining projects in Canada face significant regulatory hurdles. Please join a panel of Blakes lawyers as they discuss issues in mining law that affect you and your business. The Implementation of Regulations Related to the Ontario Mining Act Modernization The Defeat…

What’s Happening in Insolvency: Mining and Resource Sector Challenges

November 28, 2013

With the current upheavals in the price of oil and gas and other commodities, the mining and resource sector is facing considerable challenges. Those challenges may lead to insolvencies, restructurings, going-concern or liquidation sales, and unique practical and legal issues. There have been some recent mining and resource company insolvencies across Canada, and this is an industry sector to watch….