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B.C. to Crack Down on Hidden Ownership of Real Estate with New Reporting Obligations

July 4, 2018

On June 20, 2018, the B.C. Ministry of Finance released a white paper on draft legislation that will require reporting on beneficial ownership of land in B.C. The draft legislation, titled the Land Owner Transparency Act (LOTA), follows the government’s announcement in the 2018 budget that it intends to collect and make available information about beneficial ownership of land in…

Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Purchase Agreements: Getting Past the Sticking Points

April 26, 2018

Negotiations of commercial real estate purchase agreements can, on occasion, become stalled while the buyer and the seller attempt to find common ground on issues of concern to each of them. The negotiation process requires each party to assess whether to “dig in” or concede on key points. Members of the Blakes Commercial Real Estate group examine several provisions in…

Secure the Deal: Be Clear About Title in Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreements

March 22, 2018

In its recent decision, JBP Developments Ltd. v. Li, the Supreme Court of British Columbia (Court) reminded sellers of real estate and their advisers about the basic obligation to transfer clear title to the property for sale. Sellers of real estate should ensure that purchase and sale agreements are carefully drafted and include terms clearly setting out what title restrictions…

2018 B.C. Budget: Real Property Implications

February 22, 2018

The NDP government in B.C. handed down its first full budget on February 20, 2018 and there were a number of initiatives that will affect the cost of acquisition and disposition of real property in B.C. Most of these initiatives are described in the Government’s 30-Point Plan for a Fairer Housing Market, which will not only affect residential property, but…

Duties on Transfers of Immovables in Quebec: Department of Finance Exempts Partnerships

January 11, 2018

On December 20, 2017, the Quebec Department of Finance published its end-of-year bulletin, Information Bulletin 2017-14 (Bulletin). Among the measures announced by the Department of Finance was the introduction of an exemption from the payment of duties on transfers of immovables for partnerships. As a result, transfers of immovables made after December 20, 2017 that involve a partnership may be…

Fixing a Loophole – B.C. to Restrict Fixed-Term Residential Leases

November 1, 2017

On October 26, 2017, the provincial government introduced Bill 16, which amends the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA) and other acts. The proposed amendments were introduced in the context of public concern about alleged loopholes in the RTA relating to fixed-term leases and rent control. The government’s intention with these changes is to prohibit a practice apparently used by some landlords…

Getting to Yes: Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Offers to Lease

October 25, 2017

Please join us for a discussion on business and legal issues for landlords and tenants to consider when entering, negotiating or terminating offers to lease. Topics Non-binding LOI vs. binding offer vs. straight to lease – which is more effective? Landlords and tenants – advance preparation to make the deal process more effective Tenant issues – space planning, budgeting and…

Doing Business in Canada

October 10, 2017

The Blakes Doing Business in Canada guide is an introductory summary of the laws and regulations that affect the conduct of business in Canada.

Quebec Transfer Duties on Immovables: Recent Developments

September 25, 2017

The Quebec Minister of Finance presented the budget speech for the 2016–2017 financial year on March 17, 2016 (2016–2017 Budget), which modified the system of duties on transfers of immovables (please see our March 2016 Blakes Bulletin: Significant Proposals to Duties on Transfers of Immovables). These amendments were integrated into Bill 112, which was introduced on November 15, 2016, and assented to…

Cannabis, Commercial Real Estate and the Environment — Things to Consider Before You Get Into the Weeds

June 15, 2017

Cannabis legalization has been in the spotlight since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put the issue on the agenda as part of his 2015 campaign. Details have begun emerging around how cannabis production, sale and consumption will be regulated with the recent introduction by the federal government of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act (Bill) (for further information, please see our April…

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