Category: CPD/CLE

Legal Issues and Trends for the Life Sciences Industry

September 20, 2016

Blakes hosted a special half-day program focusing on the life sciences industry. The program included updates on legal developments and trends as well as strategies to identify and minimize common risks. Topics included regulation of biosimilars, environmental law, responding to freedom of information requests, challenging the regulators, procurement, preventing cybersecurity breaches, and commercial issues — all with a focus on…

Strategies for Executive Compensation

September 15, 2016

This complimentary seminar provides an opportunity to discuss trends and current issues affecting the design, disclosure and taxation of executive compensation arrangements with speakers from the Blakes Executive Compensation group and Mercer Canada Limited. Topics: Emerging challenges in executive compensation   Customizing executive pay strategy            Restructuring equity-based incentives: tax and securities law issues            Disclosure developments: new TSX Rules and securities…

Canadian Public M&A Update

June 22, 2016

The past year has seen a number of important developments in Canadian public M&A. Blakes reviews and discusses these developments. Mandatory Continuing Education Ontario This program contains 1 hour and 30 minutes of Substantive content. If you would like more information about this seminar, please contact Daniela Conti by email or at 416-863-2471.

Risks of Competition Litigation: Being Aware and Being Prepared

June 14, 2016

Litigation arising from competition law issues now has the potential to affect all businesses operating in Canada. It is no longer confined to those unfortunate enough to be the subject of a Competition Bureau merger or abuse of dominance challenge — or, worse yet, a cartel or bid-rigging investigation. The scope of risk has expanded to include Bureau claims related…

Hot-Button Topics in Intellectual Property Law

June 8, 2016

These fast-paced and informative sessions offer attendees an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of recent developments in intellectual property. Blakes lawyers and patent agents highlight the key elements of each topic and provide forecasts and constructive recommendations. Topics: Confidentiality and the Courts in an Age of Transparency – Alan Aucoin Technological Protection Measures and Copyright – Gary Daniel…

OTC Derivatives in Canada: Getting Ready for the New Regulatory Regime

June 7, 2016

As part of the current global regulatory reform process, the rollout of Canada’s regulatory regime for over-the-counter derivatives is now in full swing.  These new market-based rules will impact how you trade OTC derivatives.  Blakes discusses the practical consequences of these reforms, including the following topics: Understanding how the Canadian reforms fit into the global market context Adapting your compliance…

Regulatory and Compliance Primer for Insurance Companies

June 1, 2016

Canadian insurance companies are subject to a complex regulatory framework. The Blakes Financial Services Regulatory group discuss the key regulators and legislation, along with practical tips for handling common regulatory and compliance issues. Please note that this seminar is designed for new legal/compliance hires and business personnel seeking to understand more about the Canadian regulatory regime. Topics: Introduction to insurance regulation…

What You Don’t Know May Hurt You

May 18, 2016

The Blakes Real Estate group presents the next instalment of our commercial lease seminar series. This latest edition tackles a variety of issues that are often forgotten or overlooked, with disastrous consequences.  Sample Topics Include: Moving from Offer to Formal Lease Dangers of presenting a lease that is inconsistent with an offer Provisions that must be in an offer if you…